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ANAHTÈ Car Scents

ANAHTÈ Car Scents

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No need to wait until wash day to freshen up the air inside your car. Why not let your car smell fresher for longer with the new ANAHTÈ Car Scent!


Providing long-lasting freshness, (up to 3 months), their wooden lid releases the right amount of aroma into your car.


You can choose from one of their other original flavours - DUBAI, LAGOS or PHUKET - as your signature car scent! Each scent contains a beautiful selection of fragrance oils including key flavours from each destination, for a delightful yet distinctive aroma.


1) PHUKET - A warm Oriental Essence. A delightful blend of Jasmine, Coconut & Sandalwood, with hints of English Rose.


2) LAGOS - Refreshingly Warm and Deep. An alluring blend of Chocolate & Vanilla with subtle notes of Coffee, Watermelon and Ylang Ylang.


3) DUBAI - Sweet Luxurious Citrous Blast. A luxurious blend of Oud, Orange and Cinnamon perfectly combined with notes of Lavender & Coconut.

  • How to Use

    • Remove lid, then remove the plastic cap to release liquid oil. Cover back with lid (Not too tight!)
    • Tip upside down every 4 - 7 days for long lasting freshness (We recommend once every week)
    • To tip - invert the glass upside down for 1-second (5 second, if it is the first time) with tissues in hand to prevent any spillage, then turn back around, screw on lid until secure and hang up in desired place of vehicle.
    • We recommend inverting outside your vehicle to prevent your interior getting damaged by spillage
    • For a stronger scent, carefully invert glass every 2 - 3 days for 1 second with tissue/cloth in hand , turn back around, and screw on lid until secure.