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Aya Aromas Nostalgic Soy Candles

Aya Aromas Nostalgic Soy Candles


All Aya Aromas candles are made frim 100% Soy Wax, providing you with an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles and also a longer burning time.


Available in the following scents (10 oz):


Coconut Sugar is the ultimate feel good candle. This cocktail blend of sweet rum and coconut will have you screaming at alexa to put on 'Taurus Riley - She's Royal'.


Tropical Haven's candle is the ultimate remedy for your holiday withdrawals. Grab your sunglasses, light your candle, sit back and enjoy this exotic blend with notes of Caribbean fruits softly infused with jasmine and lavender.


Melanin dreams is a creamy blend of cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon. This candle has been intricately designed to uplift and inspire you. The blend of warm cocoa and vanilla sweetens the candle, whilst the cinnamon provides a hint of spice that hits the soul.

  • General Information

    • Size - 10oz
    • Burn Time - approx 40+ hours
    • 100% Soy wax
    • Vegan friendly
    • hand poured