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Daughter's of Botany 'Mood Indigo' Tea Tub - 85g

Daughter's of Botany 'Mood Indigo' Tea Tub - 85g


This purple tea is a show stopper! An exotic creamy and fruity blend, Mood Indigo contains blue Butterly pea flowers, sweet, tart Hibiscus petals and Coconut flakes. Plus it’s caffeine free!


Inspired by Duke Ellington’s classic jazz tune, Mood Indigo is the quintessential smooth blend, balancing the sweetness and tartness of the Hibiscus flower and the creaminess of coconut with a hint of citrus.


Pssst! Tea lovers confess to eating the tea leaves too! Have your tea and eat it, anyone?

  • Ingredients

    Organic Cocoa husks, Hibiscus, Orange peel