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Eco Friendly Black Ink Paper Pen

Eco Friendly Black Ink Paper Pen


This unique paper pen is an 'on trend' gift for everyone who wants to make a difference - teenagers and adults alike. With its minimalistic design features, it would also compliment any office/home decor. Also, a great addition to any students' stationery supplies. An ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays and any other special occasions. Surprise a loved one, friend, teacher or colleague with this beautifully handcrafted, unique gift idea.


Individually hand crafted, this durable, slimline pen, equipped with a medium nib and comfortable non slip grip, creates a smooth even flow writing experience.


To recycle the pen, soak in hot water for approximately 2 minutes. Unravel the pen, remove the plastic ink chamber and metal nib and recycle all parts appropriately.