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Lucocoa Matcha White Chocolate Bar (40% Cocoa) - 50g

Lucocoa Matcha White Chocolate Bar (40% Cocoa) - 50g


This unique tea mixed with Lucocoa's enigmatic and alluring signature Natural Blonde creates a beautiful delicate blend of matcha with creamy caramel cues.

The matcha they use is grown in Uji, in Kyoto prefecture, Japan and known for its key differentiating characteristics — vivid pine green colour, refreshing 'oika' (覆い香) aromas and an exquisite savoury 'umami' (うま味) flavour profile.

  • Bean Source

    Lucocoa's beans are sourced from a number of countries around the world, primarily located in Central and South America, but also in Africa. 

    Lucocoa only use the highest quality criollo and trinitario beans, and pay over the ICE price for our beans ($500) ensuring that the well being of the farmers and their families is the primary concern.