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Okin Epidermis 'Ambrosial' Body Butter - 200g

Okin Epidermis 'Ambrosial' Body Butter - 200g


ambrosial is a nourishing hand whipped shea + cocoa body butter infused with carrier oils and essential oils, with a non-fragranced version perfect for sensitive skin.



6 months



- moisturising 

- softening 

- brightening

- great for all skin types

- vegan + handmade 




organic shea butter - helps with cell regeneration which leads to softening of the skin and helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles. It's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe skin and relieve itching which is especially helpful for skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.


rosehip oil - extremely high in essential fatty acids and is known to help treat dry, irritated, itchy, weathered skin. It is also suitable for treating acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, and stretch marks. Rich in vitamins A and C, which are both necessary for the production of collagen.


extra virgin olive oil - moisturising anti-inflammatory and rich in multiple vitamins including vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage and from free radicals. 




- use in the AM or PM

- distribute evenly from the neck downwards and massage until fully absorbed.

- apply a small amount to begin with, a little goes a long way with this product!

  • Ingredients

    Vitellaria paradoxa (shea butter), Theobroma cacoa (cocoa butter), Rosa canina L. (rosehip oil), vegetable glycerine, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), Olea europaea (extra virgin olive oil),  Prunus dulcis (sweet almond oil), Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), Persea Gratissima (avocado), Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot), vitamin e, + essential oils *natural fragrance*

  • Allergy/Other Information

    This product may contain nuts and may be unsustainable for individuals with nut allergies. 

    Okin Epidermis strive to make your hair and skin feel and look as good as possible while acknowledging that we all have a unique skin type, so always keep in mind that what works for somebody else may not work for you and the results may vary. 

    We recommend patch testing for 1-2 days before proper use. 

    All OKIN EPIDERMIS products need to be kept closed and away from direct sunlight. 

    100% vegan, cruelty free + handmade in London, UK.