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SHED 'Calm' Soy Candle - 170ml

SHED 'Calm' Soy Candle - 170ml


Get ready for a cosy night in with SHED's soothing blend of Bergamot & Lavender essential oils.


The most subtle of all their scents, CALM uses the anxiety-alleviating properties of Bergamot & Lavender essential oils to ease restlessness and insomnia so you can sail undisturbed into a blissful evening of pure relaxation.


Even better - your candle will be made carefully in a small batch; using only pure soy wax and 100% essential oils. No synthetics, no chemicals, no pollutants and no nasties added!


So you can bask in the blissful scent of Bergamot & Lavender, knowing your SHED candle is kind to the environment and kind to you. 


Approx 25-30hrs clean burn.