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SHED Triple Wick Luxury Soy Candle - 470ml

SHED Triple Wick Luxury Soy Candle - 470ml


Introducing SHED's 50cl high gloss white, low rise, triple wick (natural cotton) soy candle. Produced in their most popular scent - CALM. This candle uses the anxiety-alleviating properties of Bergamot & Lavender essential oils to ease restlessness and insomnia so you can sail undisturbed into pure relaxation!


Stylish and functional, the triple wick adds that extra special touch brining a warm glow to any room. Even better - your candle will be made carefully in a small batch; using only pure soy wax and 100% essential oils. No synthetics, no chemicals, no pollutants and no nasties added!


So you can bask in the blissful scent of Bergamot & Lavender, knowing your SHED candle is kind to the environment and kind to you.


This candle arrives in a luxurious white box, purposely free from marketing so it can be repurposed in your home, please reuse and recycle!

  • Candle Care Tips

    • SHED recommends burning your candle for around 4 hours each time to allow the wax to melt to the sides of the jar. This means you get a nice consistent burn, avoids the creation of a ‘tunnel’ in your candle and helps your candle last much longer.

      Light your candle in a well ventilated area, but where draughts and wind won’t disturb the flame. This will keep your flame nice and stable, allowing it to burn correctly and minimise any smoking.

    • To be safe,  SHED also recommends you extinguish your candle with a candle snuffer. 

      Once your candle is cool, trimming the wick to around 3mm will help you get a brighter, cleaner burn with minimal smoking the next time you light it up again!